A brief history of Mick Neuman

The short version:  He was born.  He is still alive.  He has thus far lead a pointless, miserable life.  Give him a break already.  He'd do the same for you.

The long version:

      Mick Neuman was born at a very early age. While still only zero years old, little Mickey started his life naked, frightened, and covered in some kind of sticky goo.

      "Hey, what's with all the sticky goo?" he claims to have thought at the time.  "And how come no one ever goes up shit's creak with a paddle?" which is a very funny joke.         Several years later, Neuman became a lawyer.  This caused him to become tense and easily agitated. 

     However, at some point not too long after that, he moved into an apartment in the East Village, where marijuana was plentiful.   Then nothing happened for a very long time. 

        Sooner or later he put up a web page called "Give Mick a break" or something like that and then I don't know what happens.