Check out what the following famous people have said about Mick Neuman!

Bill Clinton

"I love Mick Neuman and everything he stands for." - Bill Clinton
George Bush "Read my lips: No new taxes on Mick Neuman" - The Original George Bush
Tyra Banks "I'm going to have wild, passionate, kinky sex with Mick Neuman if it is the last thing I do" - Tyra Banks
Bill Gates "I hereby bequeath all my money, and a significant portion of your money, to Mick Neuman" - Bill Gates
O.J. Simpson "Thanks to Mick Neuman, I have come to realize that brutally murdering people is wrong." - O.J. Simpson 
Moesha "The wombat has escaped, Mr. Prime Minister" - Moesha
Ned Niddlemyer "He doesn't suck." - Ned Niddlemyer
King Hussain "Long live Mick Neuman" - King Hussain
Michael Jordan "I just wish I was more like Mick Neuman" - Michael Jordan