Take the
"Should I Give Mick Neuman a Break"

this week:


Mick Neuman vrs. Global Thermo-Nuclear War


 worst thing about him/it

Best thing about him/it



 kills everyone

no more geico commercials




Previously in the  "Should I Give Mick Neuman a Break" Challenge

Mick Neuman vrs.
California Harvester Ant
(Pogonomyrmex californicus)


size after mating... family habitat looks good in a suit? antennae?
 less than 1/16-1" (1-15 mm) long  dies "Formicidae" underground tunnels or in galleries in dead wood   no distinctly elbowed
 medium goes to sleep "Neuman" east village yes N/A

Once again, Mick Neuman is the winner, and thereby deserves a break,
while the California Harvester Ant
(Pogonomyrmex californicus)
clearly does not


Mick Neuman vrs. George W. Bush


Pronounces nuclear like it was spelled nucular? can play Bach Invention #5 on the piano? eyes? still living off his father? knows all the words to the Star Spangled Banner?
never yes yes  yes yes
always probably not  yes  yes he might not

Clearly, Mick Neuman deserves a break, and not President George W. Bush

Mick Neuman vrs. Osama bin Laden


Best Feature Talent Kills people? Makes you want to... Has sex with goats? Facial hair?
Eyes Songwriting, cartoon writing, piano playing, acting, screenwriting,  stand-up comedy, etc.. Figuratively Laugh?
No Occasional
Short life expectancy Pointing up Literally Vomit Probably Yicchhhh

Clearly, Mick Neuman deserves a break, and not Osama bin Ladin

Mick Neuman vrs. Bill Clinton


gets off
finds Monica Lewinski attractive? Might be a future president of
the USA?
unfairly criticized?  Has had sexual relations  with a White House intern? Evil?
women with Spanish accents kinda It could happen all the damn time  yes no
 technicalities  yes Constitutionally impossible  depends what you mean  yes whatever

Clearly, Mick Neuman deserves a break, and not Bill Clinton