Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    What time is it?

A:    That depends.  Einstein proved time was relative.  He also refused to brush his teeth for a significant portion of his life because he believed the bristles would tear apart the enamel.

Q:    Can I borrow some money?

A:    No.

Q:    Are you going to eat that?

A:    Yes.

Q:    Can two divorced men live together without driving each other crazy?

A:     Yes.

Occasionally Asked Questions

Q:    How much wood could a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?

A:    Seven

Q:    Who is the least annoying "Friends" character?

A:    Joey

Q:    Is the proliferation of nuclear weapons effective in deterring ring-worm?

A:    Kinda.

Rarely Asked Questions

Q:    What is the square root of 154.2?

A:    12.4177292610203094248714103740058

Q:    Is tolnaftate effective against Russia?

A:    Yes

Q:    Can I lend you some money?

A:    Feel free.